• Creative recipes, prepared by a chef Michelin stars
  • 1st quality ingredients
  • Pure and authentic flavors
  • A unique combination of taste and texture



  • Non-refined ingredients only
  • Tasty ingredients containing many nutrients
  • A selection of gluten-free, lactose-free
  • Low glycemic index



  • Organic and locally sourced vegetables
  • Whole grain and bio cereals
  • No antibiotics or growth hormones grown protein
  • Cold pressed organic oils
Antoine Comina

Antoine Comina


Child, Antoine dream of inventing a way to improve the lives of his contemporaries. Skateboarding and existing weekend already, he began studies at HEC Lausanne while waiting for a better idea.

After graduation, he then worked for one of the most respected venture capital firms in Europe. He notices that it is often impossible to eat well, when you’re an overwhelmed professional.

Antoine is therefore challenged to address this problem. He dreams of a restaurant offering cuisine that is healthy, delicious and organic with a quick service.

He then encounter Yoann: a "chef" who did exactly the same dream at the same time.
These two food-lovers get on like a house on fire. And it takes little time for their dream to come true. Or rather Qibi.

Antoine does not stop there. Believing that Qibi is an idea that is worth well skateboarding and weekends, he intends to make more people still enjoy!

Yoann Constanty

Yoann Constanty

Flavor creator

Having fun and sharing his pleasure has always been the dream of Yoann. It is therefore not in an office of tax administration, but in a kitchen that Yoann works every day with passion.

After five years of study in hospitality and catering, he continued his training with Great French Chefs. His teachers could be alone a jury of Top Chef. He worked with Régis Marcon (3 Michelin stars) and Jean Paul Jeunet (2 Michelin stars), where he is Head Chef for 6 years.

Yoann moves then to Geneva. He became Head of Spa Cuisine Restaurant Hotel La Reserve. Inspired by a traditional cooking, he develops his ideas he scribbles on an old notepad.

In a fast and quick world, offering healthy and balanced food is a priority. With the help of nutritionists, Yoann improves his creations. It’s the result of all these experiences to be savored at Qibi: a kitchen to relax physically and humanly!